Last year I chose a word to be “my word” for the year. I did it because it was an assignment, I didn’t think much about it honestly. The word was Clarity. WOW! Was I smacked in the face with clarity this past year. Almost too much if you ask me. It has been a year of heart break and growth personally and for my family. We have gone through the tunnel of pain and come out the other end with a peace, joy and a clear picture of where we are going and what we are leaving behind. I have turned my back fully on the past and reach my arms out to embrace the future! 

This year as I have been thinking about what word to choose there is one that keeps coming up for me. Release. Releasing is a hard concept for me. Letting go, realizing that I will never get what I need for closure and walking away. Walking away from people who I thought were my friends who couldn’t stand by me in the pain. It’s a hard one. I choose to release them, the feelings, the anger, the disappointment when i realized they are not who I thought they were. It needs to go, I need to let it go. I will open my arms and face my future fully and leave them behind. 

I found a wonderful affirmation and Essential Oil Blend to help me with releasing. 


“I am joyous and full of courage. I look to the future, live in the present, and let go of the past.”

This blend of oils is fennel, thyme,black pepper and ginger. 

Fennel is the oil of responsibility. It teaches that life is not too much or too big to handle. It encourages an individual to live in integrity with themselves, despite the judgement of others. 

Thyme is the oil of releasing and forgiving. Emotions is addresses are; unforgiving heart, anger, rage, hate, bitterness, resentment and emotional bondage.

Black Pepper is the oil of unmasking. It reveals the masks and facades used to hide aspects of ourselves. Black pepper invites individuals to “get real.” It addresses emotional dishonesty, repressed emotions, feeling trapped, prideful, superficial and judgmental.

Ginger is the oil of empowerment, it holds no reservations. It has purpose and it will fulfill it! Ginger powerfully persuades individuals to be fully present and participate in life. It addresses the emotions of victim, powerless, unwilling to take responsibility for self or life, defeated, not present, stuck and blaming. 


This may seem like an odd mix of oils, but actually, the scent is very uplifting and comforting. I am building my new website and will have a store there where I will sell this blend as well as many others. If you would like to check it out here is the address: http://essentialoilconsultant.com/  I should have the store up and running in the next couple of weeks. Make sure you check back as I will be adding more oils and blends. 

As I leave behind 2013 and close the door to a part of my past, I am excited about the future. I am at peace as is my family. God never closes one door without opening another. A better door!

Here’s to a blessed 2014!Image