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The recipe below is WAY too much oil. Jeddy’s Blend is overloaded with oil and it is wasting the oil. Too much oil can cause a senseitivity. I have adjusted the amounts to be more in line with my training as an Aroma Therapist.

I think there is way too much oil in this blend. I would do the following:
In this order put them in the bottle:
2 Vetiver
3 Patchouli
4 Balance
3 Serenity
3 Lavender


There has been much talk on the internet about a Blend of Essential Oils called, “Jeddy’s Blend.”

This blend was made by a mom to help her autistic and ADHD son. There have been many wonderful stories about how this blend has helped a lot of children. I was so impressed I wrote down the recipe that she posted but never got around to making it.

Now I see that the recipe is no longer available but you can buy it online. I am a firm believer in sharing anything that can help especially children. So here is the recipe that I copied down many months ago.

35 drops Balance – (doTERRA Blend)

15 drops Patchouli

30 drops Serenity – (doTERRA Blend)

50 drops of Lavender

15 drops of vetiver

Put in a 30ml bottle.

I personally believe in adding carrier oil to my essential oils and blends. A carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, olive oil, etc) allows the essential oils to stay on the skin longer therefore allowing more of the oils to absorb into the skin. Essential oils tend to evaporate quickly. This will help stretch your essential oils and get better use out of them.

If you try this blend please share with me your experience!